Those who know me well know I drink a lot of water. Of course they also know most of the water I drink has been run through some coffee grounds. For years my family and friends have encouraged me to drink more plain water. But I donít like it much - especially just to drink it routinely throughout the day. I love it when Iím hot and thirsty. Otherwise, not so much.

Just the thought of drinkiní a glass of water - cold or tap - first thing in the morning - purdy much brings on a bout of nausea. If I AM gonna drink it first thing, Iíll run it hot out of the sink. For some reason, hot water doesnít turn my stomach like the cold or tap does. And I AM trying to do better. In fact, Iíve already had two large glasses of hot water this morning. (I AM feeliní a bit proud of myself.) (Iím also learning not to drink the stuff after about six in the evening. Thatís all Iíll say about that.)

I was thinkiní back to some earlier days when I was serving as youth minister in Calvert. The church was small, and to support my family I was also doing various jobs around town and in the country. I did some painting, fence-building, and minor repairs to some of the old homes around town. Then a lady in our church, Mattie Pickel, asked me about putting some trellises up around their carport for her plants to climb on. I accepted the job.

At this same time period I was trying to lose some weight, and was told that if I would drink a QUART of water before each meal I would see a miraculous loss of poundage. For someone who was used to, MAYBE, drinkiní a quart of water a month, three quarts a day was, indeed, a challenge. But I was determined. I got up early one morning, drank a few cups of coffee, a quart of water, ate breakfast, and walked the two blocks to the Pickel home, carrying what few tools I would need for the job.

Upon arrival, Mattie came out to the carport and told me that she was about to take her husband to the doctor, but would leave the house unlocked in case I needed the restroom. I thanked her. They left. I was busy nailing the trellises up when I began to feel the effects of the water - commoní on like a tsunami. I was determined to get the last nail driven before I bolted into the house. I did.

When I grabbed the door-knob on that back door reality set in. Mattie forgot. The door was locked. Those who know me well know Iím not fleet of foot. But I covered the two blocks between the Pickel house and ours rather quickly that morning.

I donít take chances like that these days. I know that if Iím gonna drink a lot of water, itís best to do so while close to home. You never know when itís gonna hit.

Lifeís an adventure. Iím liviní it up!

Randy McLelland, a.k.a. Randy Mac, is senior pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church on FM 202. He has played the role of Grandpa in The Promise and, through his ďLivin' It UpĒ ministries, is a motivational speaker and Christian entertainer.