At many of my speaking engagements, I tell the audience, “You don’t have to have a lot of money to enjoy life. Just learn how to PROPERLY mess with people!” (“Properly” meaning not in a hurtful, but rather a fun kinda way.) I’ve done a lot of it. It’s a great portion of my “adventure”!

Some years ago I was sitting in my office in Cleburne, caught up on my paper work, and the weather was not conducive to “knockin’ doors”. (I was “cold-calling” in those days, helping folks with pre-need funeral planning.) (It’s a GREAT thing to do for those you love!)

Anyway… something came over me, and I decided to have a bit of fun on the phone. I called the local large office supply store. When the sales person answered, I asked a very important question.

“Do y’all have aerosol ‘White Out ‘?”

The fun began immediately. The lady there - in a very professional way - responded with, “I don’t think we do. All we have are the small bottles with the little brush.”

My turn. “Oh, no, ma’am. That would take MUCH too long. I have to “white out” some WHOLE pages.“

Her professionalism still dominating her demeanor, she suggested, “You might check over at Walmart.”

I thanked her for her help, AND her suggestion. I grabbed the phone book. In just a couple of minutes, I was connected to Walmart’s main number, where I asked for someone who could help be with office supplies. Soon, another pleasant voice was on the line. Again I asked the question.

“Do y’all have aerosol ‘White Out’? “

I essentially got the same response as from the earlier sales rep. I responded in the same way again.  

“Oh, no, ma’am. That would take MUCH too long. I have to “white out” some WHOLE pages. “

But THIS lady was gonna go the extra mile. She pleasantly said, “Let me go around and check to be sure.”

I waited.

After a couple or three minutes, she came back on the line and apologized that they didn’t carry aerosol “White Out”, but only the small bottles with the little brushes. I thanked her for her effort.

I hung up the phone that day - wondering why neither one of those folks suggested I just get a new piece of paper.

Perhaps that just didn’t want me to feel foolish? Nah.

Life’s an adventure. I’m livin’ it up!

Randy McLelland, a.k.a. Randy Mac, is senior pastor of Cornerstone Christian Fellowship Church on FM 202. He plays the role of "Grandpa" in The Promise and, through his “Livin' It Up” ministries Randy McLelland, is a motivational speaker and Christian entertainer. He can be reached at or 817-454-3386, his website is