GLEN ROSE - Junk or Treasures has a new owner, a new attitude and a new name - Miss Dixie’s Cottage.

Rhonda Hawthorne is that new owner and when she saw the chance to own a piece of the historic downtown square, she knew she had to take it.

“I was a vendor in [Junk or Treasures] and I saw the opportunity here,” Hawthorne said. “I closed my store in Granbury a year ago and I just wanted to get back to opening a store. We’re from Granbury but I love Glen Rose and I have many plans [for the Square].”

Some of those plans include working with the chamber, city and other businesses on the square to bring business to the area. Hawthorne would like to create events, such as a Harvest Moon Festival, where vendors would set up around the square and sell their merchandise.

Hawthorne hopes to help bring more crowds down to create more business for Glen Rose.

“I think we have good merchants on the square and we all just have to pitch in and work together to build and advertise,” Hawthorne stated.

Hawthorne has owned stores for the last ten years and her late mother, Dixie, always loved going into the store she owned in California to visit with Hawthorne’s customers. When she took over the store, Hawthorne knew it was only appropriate to name it Miss Dixie’s after her late mother.

Outside of the name change, Miss Dixie’s Cottage will continue to carry the vendors that people have grown to love. The boutique offers everything from furniture to clothes, lotions and candles.

One new addition the store will be adding is candy.

“We are bringing in chocolate truffles from the Sweet Shop,” she said. “People are going to be able to come and get truffles in really beautiful boxes.”

For the future brides-to-be, Miss Dixie’s will soon add a wedding room. Brides will be able to register for bridal gifts at the store. Plus, there is a florist onsite, Whole Heart Offerings, owned by Kari Quinlan, where they could possible find their special bouquet for the day.

In addition to taking over the boutique, Hawthorne will continue to operate her booth in Miss Dixie’s. She sells shabby chic furniture and gift items and finds her wares through treasure hunts. For Hawthorne, hunting for furniture is more than just finding things to sell. 

“It’s fun to hunt the junk,” Hawthorne said.

Twice a year, she has a booth at the antique weekend in the Round Top and Warrenton area and this spring she is particular excited to go. She is hoping to bring in more customers from the Houston area, since they have been inquiring where she sells her items. Now she is able to point them in the direction of Miss Dixie’s Cottage in Glen Rose.