Glen Rose City Code decrees that only “engineers” shall design building grade beams and slabs. This denies architects of the opportunity to practice. It also does not state that only structural engineers among the various engineering disciplines can, by education and experience, be authorized to practice structural engineering as required for building grade beam and slab design. Other engineering disciplines, such a petroleum or aeronautical, are not qualified.

Recently a petroleum engineer was awarded design approvals for their structural building designs in Glen Rose. Two were for the proposed Oakdale Park entrance, and one for a grade beam and slab on Mesquite Street. The city reportedly paid the engineer, who was also the respective designated future contractor, $30,000 for the two new designs for the Oakdale Park entrance that he was not qualified to design. They were impractical and considered too costly to build. There were no building grade beams in the entrances. Another project was awarded to the petroleum engineer for a new door in a masonry cavity wall. The result was a masterful, costly stroke for incompetency.

All of the above-mentioned projects were previously designed and engineered by an architect. This man has 50 years of practice, solving thousands of structural problems without a single Incidence of any failure. The city’s administrator and city code officer ordered the petroleum engineer to redesign all the architect’s projects because they felt the projects would have been unsafe. The city received a bid from the architect’s design for the Oakdale entrance for $22,500 and a bid from the petroleum engineer for $79,000. Later, the petroleum engineer’s designs were all proved failures.

A Texas Board of Engineers investigator has charged this engineer with incompetency relative for the bogus designs that have cost the respective clients (city included) with inferior finished products at much greater costs, such as no brick ledges, thus possibly allowing outside water to run on interior floors.

The word architect literally means “master builder” or “design leader” by education and experience. An architect is more qualified than any engineer, other than a structural engineer, for building structural design. Their denial to practice adds an additional cost, apart from the regular building cost, to the client.


Eugene Brode