GLEN ROSE - On Monday, Feb. 8 the Somervell County Commissioners Court convened for its regular meeting and approved several items, including amending the open carry and concealed carry ban previously passed on Jan. 11.

Following January's vote, a few of the commissioners approached Somervell County Judge Danny L. Chambers about rescinding the concealed carry ban that was adopted into the open carry ban. The commissioners wanted to revise the policy to allow concealed carry, but still prohibit open carry, inside the Somervell County Courthouse and Somervell County Courthouse Annex.

Judge Chambers brought their concerns to 18th District Court Judge John Neill, 249th District Court Judge Wayne Bridewell, and Justices of the Peace Ronnie Webb and Scott May. They all agreed that if the Commissioners Court voted to allow concealed carry inside the Somervell County Courthouse, they would be in agreement with the revision.

The commissioners put it to a vote and unanimously approved to rescind the concealed carry ban on the two premises, but to still prohibit "Open Carry," as previously reported and detailed. 

In essence, the Somervell County Courthouse and Courthouse Annex are back to pre-Jan. 1 laws in regards to firearms. 

During the meeting Somervell County Tax Assessor-Collector, Darlene Chambers explained that she recently encountered issues speaking with credit card company on behalf of the county. In order to rectify the situation there needed to be official meeting minutes on file of who was authorized to use/speak on behalf of the credit card contract.

After hearing this the court voted 5-0 authorizing, Darlene Chambers to have full authority over the credit card accounts in her department.

The court also approved to allow the sell of fireworks for three more dates - Feb. 25 to midnight March 2, April 16 to midnight April 21 and the Wednesday prior to the last Monday in May ending at Midnight the last Monday in May. The Commissioners Court still can prohibit sale of fireworks in Somervell County at any period of time during a drought.

All other agenda items were passed by the court and included accepting the annual racial profiling report and bi-annual bail bond fee collection report, approving the InterLocal Agreements between Somervell County, The City of Glen Rose, Glen Rose ISD, and the Somervell County Hospital District to lease county owned electronic voting equipment for the 2016 Elections, and various departmental monthly reports and bills.