GLEN ROSE - Kelly Nobles is hoping that her love of Glen Rose will help elevate the future of the town’s tourism efforts.

Nobles, who was previously the manager at Oakdale Park, has been the Director of the Glen Rose Convention and Visitors Bureau for the past four months and she couldn’t be happier with her new position.

“I love it. It’s a great job,” she said. “I love getting out and meeting the people, and everybody has been very supportive of everything I’ve been doing.”

In her new role, Nobles' main goal is to make Glen Rose a destination du jour. She wants to create an experience for tourists so that they will visit for many years to come.

In order to get those people here, Nobles has started promoting Glen Rose around the country.

She recently started a large marketing campaign on radio stations in Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas to attract visitors to the area. In those markets, seven different radio stations will be airing a commercial promoting the city. The stations will also be giving away a vacation package to a lucky listener so that they can come and experience Glen Rose for themselves.

“Thanks to all of our city businesses and county attractions we were able to give each radio station one free vacation giveaway,” Nobles said. “They will get a place to stay for four nights, get entry to Fossil Rim, Dinosaur Valley State Park, Dinosaur World, Creation Evidence Museum, and The Promise, plus some restaurants pitched in coupons.”

When visitors get here, they will have access to a comprehensive and detailed visitor’s magazine and downloadable app that expands on all of the attractions, businesses, shopping, lodging and leisure activities available. Nobles wanted to provide a centralized guide for tourists so they wouldn't have to look in multiple places to find things to do.

Both the magazine and app should launch at the end of March.

Not only does Nobles want tourist to fall in love with Glen Rose, she wants the community to be excited about all that is offered around town.

To help with those efforts, Nobles has started a monthly CVB group meeting and social. During the social, members of the community can sign up for a behind the scenes tour of all the local attractions.

Nobles hopes that by getting business people aware of all the fun things, they will be able to explain to tourists what each place around the city and county has to offer.

“I’ve found that very few people have been to all the attractions here in town,” she said. “One of my [goals] is to train them on how to tell visitors what we have here. [...] Training is what we need to make this place an experience that people want to come back to.”

Nobles plans on offering customer service-training classes for anyone who works in Glen Rose.

“We will be doing it in two sessions,” she added. “One will be just customer service-training and the other one will be to educate people about Glen Rose. Once they complete the courses they will get a certificate and the business [they work for] will get a certificate to put in their window that says 'We’re Glen Rose customer friendly.'”

Nobles stated that ultimately she would like for Glen Rose “to be so booming that it becomes every kids favorite place to come,” but she also wants to make sure that Glen Rose maintains the charm and quaintness it has become known for.