Five years ago, the Glen Rose Preservation Board voted unanimously to approve the design of a new Oakdale Park Entrance. It was a naturalistic rendition of the original entrance of the 1920’s and the 1930’s. The difference was that the new entrance had to accommodate requirements and vehicles of the present, plus to be structurally sound.

The architect had almost 60 years of practice, without a single instance of any kind of failure. An architect has more education and experience in structural engineering than any other type of engineering, other than a formal structural engineer.

The City Administrator expressed the belief that he thought the architect’s design was structurally questionable and hired an unqualified petroleum engineer to do a structural engineer’s and architect’s job. The result was not reminiscent of the original entrance. Two designs costing a reported $15,000 each from the petroleum engineer, who was also the proposed contractor, were about three times each of the cost from the original design by the architect.

Nostalgia is a good inner feeling that’s good for the soul.


Eugene Brode