Dear Mr. Editor: Here is my beef. To remove it from my chest will be a relief. The primary election is over, so I am told. Yet, there are pictures on telephone poles. On signs, on posts, in windows galore, to see these pictures is a sight I deplore. While candidates’ campaign and pictures are new, ‘tis not so bad to see quite a few. Now, the pictures are faded, some half way torn off; every time I see one I tend to scoff. The last straw came while driving I saw, the picture of a candidate who was not running at all. We hear “Keep America Beautiful,” Clean-up, Fix-up, Paint-up, let’s remove these pictures before they have a chance to mess up. Republicans, Democrats and also your momma, should remove the debris even if your name is Obama. Require each and every candidate whether elected or not, to remove his portion of the unsightly rot. They say it’s important for people to see, but this is just “Dirty Politics” if you ask me.

Mrs. Jim Stull