GLEN ROSE - Six months ago I made the decision to come to Glen Rose to begin my career as a journalist. I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but I decided to take a leap of faith and make the journey to Texas.

I moved from Las Vegas, and making the transition to a small town was a huge adjustment for me. But I have to say that moving here and coming to work at the Reporter was something I will never regret.

Although I wasn’t here long, people in the community took the time to embrace and welcome me to the town. Throughout my time here I’ve gotten to know some of the business owners, city and county officials, Glen Rose ISD employees, and community members who make Somervell County and Glen Rose a wonderful place. And, I have to say there was something comforting about going to the various events around town and seeing familiar faces.

Being at the Reporter has given me the opportunity to write about and experience things I had never done before. Those things included attending my very first livestock show and getting to step in an enclosed pen with heifers and steers, watching bull riders take their eight-second ride at the annual PRCA rodeo and being at a festival dedicated entirely to rounding up rattlesnakes. In addition to the first time experiences, I had the chance to report about the awesome accomplishments of the students that attended GRISD’s schools.

I have to say though what I enjoyed most about being the staff writer at the Reporter was getting the chance to interview and write about the people that make Glen Rose unique.

As I write my final goodbye, I am filled with memories that I will take with me on my next journey. I want to say thank you to Glen Rose and the people that have made my experience here one I will never forget.