GLEN ROSE – The Glen Rose City Council held its regular meeting at the Glen Rose City Hall Council Chambers on Tuesday.

The first item under public hearing was a proposed replat of 300 Bailey Street from one lot into two lots. It received no questions or comments.

Item number two in public hearings was to add minimum living area square footage standards for residential structures constructed in a B-1 Restricted Commercial Zoned District. The minimum requirement for a residential space of 500 square feet for efficiency, 600 for one bedroom, 850 for two bedroom, and 900 for three bedroom. There were no questions or comments related to the change in the zoning regulations.

The proposed submission of lot 2, block 17, subdivision E0100, East End, commonly known as 300 Bailey Street. No comments or questions from council or citizens. The motion passed in unanimously, five to zero.

Approval for Ordinance No. 580, an ordinance of the City Council of the City of Glen Rose, Texas, amending the Zoning Regulations of the City passed unanimously, five to zero.

Approval or Ordinance No. 581 providing for registration of Contractors doing business in the City of Glen Rose. Council Woman Ramsey wanted to clarify that they are not charging fees for the registration of the contractors passed in favor five to zero. Citizen Anthony Roffino asked if the ordinance would apply to any contractors in the city or just those working for the city. The council clarified that it was for structural contractors.

Anthony Roffino’s request to “Accept concrete street Phase III Camelot Subdivision” inspired a lengthy discourse about the street Roffino built in his subdivision. Plans were reviewed and several questions asked.

In the end the council decided to take no action at the time and to hold a special meeting to continue discussing action regarding Roffino’s request. The special meeting is to be postponed to a date to be specified but no later than May 4. In the meantime City Administrator Chester Nolen, City Attorney Brady L. Pendleton and Roffino will explore possible alternatives.

Approval of Resolution 2016-17 authorizing notice of intention to issue certificates of obligation for the purpose of paying contractual obligations to be incurred for costs related to improving the City sewer system was passed five to zero in favor of the motion.

Approval of Resolution 2016-08 authorizing the Mayor to be the designated representative of the City of Glen Rose and to execute an agreement with the Texas Water Development Board for funding in the amount of $3,520,000.000 passed in favor five to zero. The city is looking at a total of $9,000,000 to improve the sewer system.

Approval Resolution 2016-09 amending the City of Glen Rose designated representatives for “TexStar” public finds investment pool, designating Chester Nolen and Christie Badilla passed five to zero in favor.

Approval Resolution 2016-10 amending the City of Glen Rose designated representatives for “LOGIC” public finds investment pool, designating Nolen and Badilla passed five to zero in favor.

Approval Easement Agreement for Utilities and Access on Highway 67/Gosdin property passed five to zero in favor.

Approval of Ordinance No. 582 providing for No Parking along the north side of Mesquite Street and Jackson Street passed five to zero in favor. The City will allow 45 days before it takes affect.

Approval of appointment of Thomas Heap as the new Glen Rose Code Enforcement Official passed five to zero in favor. Heap’s first day will be May 1.

The staff reports showed typical operations across the board with Public Works reporting that the THM issue in the water has been resolved and that they are expected to get back 75% of the investment to repair the river walk from FEMA.

After the staff reports the council broke into executive session and took no action.

The council would like to remind the community of early voting on April 25 inside the polling location located in the rear of the Somervell County Annex and on Election Day – May 24 – voting will be at City Hall.