Every year since 1989 Glen Rose High School and New Focus Somervell County, a non profit organization, has held the annual Project Graduation Spaghetti Supper and Auction to raise funds for Project Graduation - a safe alternative party for seniors after their graduation ceremony.

“Every year we have Project Graduation, it’s a safe alternative party for the students. It’s a lot of fun, we’re there from 11 at night to six in the morning,” Tommy Corcoran, president of New Focus and GRHS principal, said.

To raise funds for the alternative after party - and scholarships - the senior class comes together and hosts a silent auction-spaghetti dinner-live auction evening that welcomes the whole community.

“This year, judging by the crowd, it could be a banner year for the seniors,” Corcoran said.

With an estimated 1,175 items total in silent and live auction this is one of the biggest years yet. An impressive number considering all the items were donated.

As for the spaghetti dinner, “That line has been out the door all night,” Corcoran said.

The dinner was $5 a plate and lasted up until the live auction at 7 p.m.

“It’s going to be a good night,” Wade Buch, father of senior Lynlee Buch, said, “It’s very good. The whole community gets involved. It’s also a way for the kids to do it themselves.”

“The kids do all the work here and they earn points,” Corcoran said.

The seniors will have an opportunity to spend their earned points at the Project Graduation party auction on cool prizes like laptops and TVs.

Half of the proceeds go toward scholarships for the seniors and the other half goes toward fun prizes.

“Right now as it stands we have raised $78,878,” Corcoran said. “We’ll probably get an additional $2,000 and that’ll put us just over $80,000. It’s pretty amazing that our community can do that.”