GLEN ROSE – Thus far, the weather this year – despite the recent rain – has been much milder than last year’s freezing temperatures, hail storms and months of rain that damaged a slew of private and city properties. One piece of city property that was seriously damaged last year during the flooding was the downtown riverwalk.

“There was a wing wall that was adjacent to the river on the Heritage Trail, part of it collapsed and they had to rebuild that. I think that was about a $10,000 ticket,“ Chester Nolen, Glen Rose city administrator, said. “That happened a year ago with the flooding, it’s not anything recent. It’s complete, I think it was finished last fall.”

Though the damage happened a year ago and was repaired last fall, FEMA agreed to cover the cost of some of the repairs.

“We had some damage and FEMA agreed to pay for some of that damage,” Nolen said. “We had a meeting with FEMA about a month ago, it all depends on the state funding of the FEMA operation as far as pay back to the cities. Mostly it was for overtime and for a certain limited amount of construction that had to occur to ameliorate the damage that was done.”