GLEN ROSE - An accident that involved a Volkswagen Beetle occurred Friday, April 29 on US HWY 67 at the intersection of Co Rd. 1004 at approximately 4 p.m. According to witnesses, the Beetle was traveling at a high speed, lost control and went off the road before rolling two times and coming to rest upside down. The wet weather is said to be a contributor.

Investigator T. Cochran said the motorist is doing OK and showed no signs of serious injury.

“She hydroplaned and went off the road,” he added.

Despite the rain and the lightning several motorists passing by stopped to provide assistance until emergency care arrived. One of the motorists was 19-year-old Jacob Telesca, a Tarleton State University student. Telesca was traveling with his father when they saw the accident happen.

“We were behind her,” he said. “As we’re coming down the turn - it’s real slick – [I saw that] she lost traction and went off the road.”

The resident of the property the Beetle ended up in, Melissa Banks, said that this isn’t the first wreck at the same location. She expressed disdain with the condition of the road and the speed in which it’s traveled.

“This isn’t the first one,” she said. “They fly around this corner, lose control and flip. There’s no sign that says to slow down. This is the third wreck in front of my house in six months. How many more accident’s have to happen before they do something about it?”