GLEN ROSE – The Somervell County Citizen Center was full of smiling faces for their big ‘ol monthly birthday bash to recognize and celebrate the citizens of Somervell County. This month the center celebrated four birthdays and if you add all the ages of those celebrating the tally would come out to a whopping 274 years!

The Citizen Center hosts the monthly birthday celebration on the fourth Wednesday of every month. The celebration features live music provided by Margie Hartsfield, who has been performing for about 13 years, and a pot roast lunch with new potatoes, carrots, a roll, and birthday cake.

“This is our birthday month day!” Hartsfield said.

The four young ladies who celebrated their birthday month on Wednesday were

Jan Daniels, who works at the Citizen Center, turned “40-11” as she said on April 4.

“I had a great birthday,” she said. “I got married a couple days before, so it was wonderful.”

Caroline Abrego turned 71 on April 27.

“So far so good,” she said. “I’ve had some very nice presents.”

Rowena Miller turned 88 on April 12.

“It’s been a good day, good pretty weather,” she said.

Sandy Hudson, who works at the Citizen Center, turned 64 on April 21.

“It went really good,” she said. “I enjoyed it. My husband took me out to eat and we celebrate with the kids.”