GLEN ROSE – It’s been documented that the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce has begun deteriorating in recent years, but the existing members have pulled together once more and are dedicated to work through any of the former challenges it once faced. Eddie Gossett, a Glen Rose Citizen and Chamber of Commerce member, has stepped up to lead the charge and is now the president of the Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce.

“What I know of [the chamber], because we’ve only been here for three years, is they went through some rocky times and had people leave, Gossett said. “[But] I don’t know the whole story.”

As of six months ago, the chamber of commerce had no board, only members.

“It just disappeared. Everybody left. There were still members; there just wasn’t a board,” Gossett said. “A lot of us existing members just pulled together and we created a team, we created this board. We’re just getting everything back on track.”

The temporary chamber board includes President Eddie Gossett, Vice President Linda Rowe, Treasurer Kaycee Shane and Secretary Radonna Wilson.

Despite the recent trying times, the members’ spirits have not broken. Improvements to the new board and the chamber are already in motion.

“We’ve created several committees and are building the committees up with different members,” Gossett explained. “Event committees and benefit committees and things like that to help improve the chamber. We’ve got a new website and we’ve relocated on Highway 67. There have been a lot of things like that going on in the last six months with this new team.”

According to Gossett, the discussions revolving around improvements to the chamber began approximately six months ago and the new board has been in place for the last half of that time period.

“About six months ago it was just a bunch of people getting together wondering what we were going to do and how do we get things back on track,” Gossett said. “We’ve created the board, but it’s really just an interim board until October. We’re going to have elections at that time to establish a long-term board.

“We’re putting the bad blood behind us and nobody is even talking about it anymore. We’re just staying positive and moving forward. We just really want a positive vibe to get out to the community.”

The new board and members recently held their first luncheon post-revamp and Gossett said that the approximately 45 members present was one of the largest the chamber has had in quite some time.

“We’ve got a really great team of people who have come together and a lot of positive attitude,” Gossett added. “We’re pushing the chamber to get back on track, but we’re just really looking forward to bringing this community back together as far as commerce. That’s our goal. That there is a fresh new team in there that’s excited about bringing everyone back together.”

A second luncheon for chamber members will be held May 19 at 12 p.m. at Fatboy’s Pizzas and Subs. Glen Rose Chamber of Commerce Treasurer, Kaycee Shane will be the guest speaker.


Kelsey Poynor

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