GLEN ROSE- Glen Rose High School students enrolled in Geometry in Construction recently finished their latest and final project for the 2015-16 school year – two children’s playhouses.

GRHS math instructor, Jami Lovelady and GRHS auto tech and welding instructor, Randall Bozarth teamed up and created a double-blocked class schedule that allows students to apply the math skills they acquire in class to a real-life math equation. Which, in this case, was the ability to use their math skills to construct a playhouse.

While building the two playhouses, the students learned the basics of roofing and had the opportunity to roof the playhouses themselves.

A Fort Worth Sales Manager from Lon Smith Roofing, Shawn Michael, visited Lovelady’s class Tuesday, May 17. During his presentation, Michael explained the basics of roofing and showed examples of different types of roofs and sizes.

Michael also made sure the class understood that all the math they are taught and building skills learned while in school will help the students out in the long run and can applied in real-life situations.

“The one thing you have to know about roofing is math,” Michael said.

The students began the planning and constructing of the playhouse once the sheds were finalized in February.

“It was definitely more challenging than the shed because of the angles,” Bozarth noted.

Although the construction of the playhouses was challenging, students Bryce Renteria and Mason Waldrep seemed to enjoy the process and final product.

“The playhouse was trickier to build than the shed, it had a lot of ups and downs,” Renteria said.

“It was a fun building experience,” Waldrep added.

The hands-on experience for the students has been nothing but beneficial, according to the teaching tandem.

“The geometry class and construction class is taught backwards than how the Texas textbooks state,” Bozarth said. “We teach it backwards because of the construction aspect of it. So if you were to start off with the textbooks, you can’t build a house backwards. We build it from the back forward in the textbook and we end with trigonometry so the kids progress in that manner.”

The Geometry in Construction course has been a success thus far and enrollment for the course has gone up each semester since it began, and Bozarth said he has hopes that the trend will continue.

“I’ve been teaching a really long time and this is the most fun I’ve had and it makes the most sense of any class. I teach it, they use it,” Lovelady said.

The two playhouses are now for sale for $1,000.00 each. For more information regarding the playhouses contact Randall Bozarth at (254) 989-3865.


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