GLEN ROSE — Beta Mu Delta’s April schedule was packed full of activities, but the highlight of the month came at the April meeting when Sharon Schultz received Beta Sigma Phi’s highest degree – The Torchbearer degree.

The Chapter presented Schultz, who became a sister of Beta Sigma Phi in 1972, a beautiful pin and yellow rose in recognition of her achievement.

The seventh and final degree in Beta Sigma Phi, the Torchbearer degree – as the name proudly proclaims – resonates a level of perfect truthfulness. The degree, which can be only bestowed upon those who have held the Master Degree for 12 years, carries with it metaphors such as reaching a summit, or becoming a leader and allowing the light of the Torch to reflect its shine so others are also illuminated.

The Torchbearer stands for what the final degree in Beta Sigma Phi should exemplify. Beta Sigma Phi sisters who earn this degree become the Torchbearers and as such serve as Beta Sigma Phi ambassadors. Torchbearers are committed to spreading the light of the BSP Torch as they continue on their worldly travels. As a Torchbearer, Sharon will be a mentor for those sisters who are progressing through their various degrees and will provide others wise guidance on their progressions.

“Sharon exemplifies BSP traditions,” Tammy Dooley, publicity chairman said. “[She demonstrates] more tolerance for our fellow beings through a better understanding of them, a clearer and deeper appreciation of the cultural and finer things of life for ourselves, and a determination to give the best that is in us to our sorority and to shed the light of our torch throughout the world. […] Beta Mu Delta is proud to honor Mrs. Schultz for her many accomplishments in Beta Sigma Phi.”

Sharon is married to Milton Schultz. The couple has two children, Carrie and Trae, who have blessed them with four fabulous grandchildren – Trent, Tanner, Lyla and Nixon.

Hostesses for the meeting, Lisa Bonnett and Tammy Dooley, provided the chapter with a “Night in Tuscany” theme complete with wonderful food, drinks and dessert held at the Bonnett home in Pecan Plantation.

Additional business included welcoming Carolyn Stegall and Peggy Ward as newest pledges, with the slate for next year’s officers also presented and confirmed.

Other members present included Lisa Bonnett, Ann Claybaugh, Ymke Condy, Debbie Davis, Tammy Dooley, Melodie Isham, Julie Locke, Peggy Lytle, Sharon Schultz, Karen Wells, along with new pledges Carolyn Stegall and Peggy Ward. Those members not in attendance included Debi Bly, Pam Hirsch and Julie Hutchinson.

Immediately following the April meeting, the sorority hosted its annual fundraising garage sale at Pecan Planation. Proceeds from the garage sale benefit numerous area organizations and is the chapter’s big fundraiser for the year. This year’s sale generated record-breaking proceeds, a sorority representative said.

A handful of area sororities joined together April 28 to celebrate the eighty-fifth anniversary of the Founder of Beta Sigma Phi, Walter W. Ross at De Cordova Bend Country Club. Area chapters included Beta Mu Delta, Preceptor Pi Eta and Laureate Iota Gamma and it should be noted that Beta Mu Delta will host the 2017 and ‘18 Founder’s Day Celebrations.

The sorority will enjoy their Spring Fling Social trip in May, and the May meeting at the home of Sharon Schultz. After the May festivities, the group will take the summer off and reconvene in September with the start of the new sorority year.