With the advent of Obamism, Obama toured the Middle East and Europe apologizing to the people of these areas for past transgressions that were committed in their respective areas by the United States.

These ‘transgressions were defeating the Nazis that had enslaved much of Europe and had virtually destroyed others.

The Russians said afterward that our aid and help was of little or no consequence because they said that they had really won the war on the eastern front. There was little or no mention of the vast war material aid from the United States that flowed through the port city of Murmansk on the Arctic Ocean. No mention was made of the severe winter weather that enacted God’s wrath on the German army that halted and decimated much of their army. Our 15th Air Force, my brother’s service that was stationed in Italy, continually bombed the Romanian oil refineries and the German front lines.

Obama, in one of his first orders of his presidency, had the missile shield and all the tanks that defended Eastern Europe removed from Germany without any assurance in return. Subsequently, he made a treaty with Iran and gave them approximately 100 billion dollars and had world trade sanctions for previous world rogue transgressions lifted, even though they had numerous American prisoners with questionable convictions. The Iranians now have the money to buy missiles from the Russians to destroy Israel, which they previously state their intention is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. The Iranians have already disregarded that portion of the treaty to curtail procedurally production of the atomic bomb.

What a friend like Obama means to the American people. Who needs another enemy?

Eugene Brode