To the Customers of Best Value Medical Center Pharmacy (BVMCP), I want to express my heartfelt Thank You for Your Patronage, Support, and Friendship over the past 9 years & 7 months. Having the opportunity to work, as your Pharmacist is an experience, which has been both personally and professionally gratifying for me. I was blessed to have been able to come back to my birthplace (yes, I was actually born at Barnard's Mill when it was this community's hospital in 1959) and where I will always consider to be my hometown regardless of where I live, and realize a Dream of Practicing my Chosen Profession.

Unfortunately, I must regretfully inform you that I am no longer with BVMCP.

My time at BVMCP afforded me the opportunity to work with some of the most exceptional and hard working people I have ever known. I specifically want to recognize and Thank some key members of my Pharmacy Team over the years: Shelly Lumpkins; Catherine Bise; Lee Cannon; Jessica Macias; Melissa Mangrum; Seina Matthews; David Cleveland; and Janie Teders. In addition, Paige Applegate; Meghan Branham; Shelby Damron; Mallory Daniels; Delaine Rhodes; Kathy Smith; and Richard Vineyard (now a pharmacist himself). You all not only "bought in" to my commitment of providing Exemplary Customer Service - Each of You contributed to expand my vision of that resulting in the delivery of the highest quality of pharmacy services I have seen in over 30 years of practicing within this profession.

Not only has Our Pharmacy Team provided Fantastic Customer Service to those We served within Our Community, We have always been recognized by the various Inspecting Entities (i.e., the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, Department of Public Safety, Medicare & Medicaid, etc.) as an Outstanding Pharmacy - exceeding mandated Standards & Performance Requirements in every way. This includes a recent inspection by a State Board of Pharmacy Inspector who commended the Pharmacy on Cleanliness, Operations; Record Keeping; Staff Training, and Accounting for All Medications Stocked.

It is impossible for me to convey to you (those I have served) how incredibly difficult this situation and the circumstances involved have been and how this has weighed upon me making it almost impossible for me to accept. Especially since I was living my professional dream - Practicing my profession in my community and helping my neighbors, my friends, and my relatives.

However, in the business world corporations and the individuals in charge, make decisions which are surprising, confusing, and perplexing which negatively affects an individual, their family, and perhaps others in the long-term; however, that is the world We now live in and they most definitely do have the Power and right to make whatever changes They deem appropriate. I just wanted everyone to know that I was replaced not due to any wrong doing on my part - it was a business decision by Best Value Pharmacies, Inc.

With all of this said, I am sad to say that effective May 1, 2016 - I would no longer be associated with Best Value Medical Center Pharmacy. I am sorry beyond words that I can no longer serve those who chose to do business with Best Value Medical Center Pharmacy. Due to a non-compete clause, I have moved to Lubbock and am now working for Walgreen's.

Thank You and God Bless Each of You.

Always Professionally Yours,

James E. Teague

Registered Pharmacist and Always a Proud Resident of Glen Rose & Somervell County Texas