GLEN ROSE – Texas history was alive and well Friday, May 20 in Somervell County, even if just for a one-day event. Approximately 2,500 students, history buffs and Somervell County citizens attended the first ever Texas Heroes Remembered event held at Heritage Park just off of the historic downtown square.

“A lot of people were upset because I didn’t have it on a Saturday, but initially it was intended to be a free educational event for the Glen Rose seventh graders,” said event coordinator Celeste Schmidt. “Never did I think it would be this big. The response from the people in the community has been amazing.”

Texas History is a requirement for 2nd, 4th and 7th grade TEKS, and, as a former teacher herself, Schmidt said she could absolutely see the event growing to include other area schools.

Even though the event was first met with skepticism, according to Schmidt, Glen Rose Mayor Sam Moody had nothing but praises to shower upon Schmidt after her continued efforts to get the event off the ground and running.

“It was an absolute smashing success,” Glen Rose Mayor Sam Moody said. “It was a perfect example of what one citizen with a dream and determination can do with that dream and determination. I absolutely thank and command Celeste Schmidt, along with all of the volunteers, and city and county employees who volunteered. This is something that is distinctively Glen Rose.”

Quiet Dove and Two Otters, who portrayed two Native Americans from the time period, both said they were very impressed with the overall event and hope to be invited back should it continue.

“We really hope they invite us back next year,” said Quiet Dove as she began to demonstrate the use of a converted gunstock as a weapon to a group of adolescents.

“It was great. I really thought it was great,” said Two Otters, a specialist in tomahawk throwing and whose name began as “Tall as Two Otters,” but was later shortened. “I hope they have it next year and it’d be silly not to. They ought to do this every year, because it was a big success.”

If you happened to miss Quiet Dove and Two Otters, there is a Pow Wow scheduled for Saturday, May 28 in Cleburne that is open to the public. The event will feature tomahawk, knife throwing and fire starter competitions, raffles and more. The Pow Wow will be held at the Chisholm Trail Outdoor Museum from 6-8 p.m.

For more on Texas Heroes Remembered, which includes profiles and reaction from three actors – one of which is a descendant of Davy Crockett, stay tuned to and our social media pages!


Travis M. Smith