GLEN ROSE – As a lifetime Glen Rose ISD student, and aficionada of giraffes, sleep and sciences, Molly Burns is exactly how a top-of-the-class student is portrayed in fictional representations on the big screen or in the pages of a novel.

The Class of 2016 Salutatorian with a 104.713 weighted GPA has been a member of multiple UIL teams, spent three years in theatre, represented POWERSET and HOSOA, and serves as the senior class treasurer in the National Honor Society.

Burns also, after taking a psychology class finding the brain to be “cool,” has decided to attend Angelo State University where she will double-major in biochemistry and pre-medical studies with aspirations of becoming a neurosurgeon.

But it is not all about involvement in extracurricular organizations or expanding her mind that is important to the Glen Rose senior. No, Burns has an aspiration much larger than that.

“When I am older and have the means to do, I want to either start or fund an organization that raises awareness for improvement in the mental health field,” Burns said. “Several family members of mine have passed away because of mental health problems. When I went to Terrell State Hospital on a field trip with my psychology class, I realized how underfunded it was and how they had to cut programs. So I want to be able to provide those funds that the government can’t.”

Burns said that she would certainly miss the faculty and staff at GRHS, along with the friends made throughout her numerous involvements – especially those in POWERSET.

“POWERSET has opened a lot of doors for me and given me a lot of opportunities,” Burns said. “It was fun, but it was good experience and will benefit me later in life, too.”


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