GLEN ROSE – Clifton local and great-great-great granddaughter to David "Davy" Crockett himself, Carolyn Cotton, portrayed Elizabeth Crockett at the Texas Heroes Remembered event at the Paluxy Heritage Park in Glen Rose on May 20.

Elizabeth Patton Crockett, second wife and widow to folk hero and American historical figure, David "Davy" Crockett, shares a special connection with Hood County and it’s history.

In the 1850’s, Elizabeth moved to Acton, a rural community a few miles outside of Granbury, after her husband died during the Battle of the Alamo in 1836. After her death some years later, Elizabeth was buried in the smallest state park in Texas – the Acton Cemetery.

“Texas Heroes Remembered invited me here,” Cotton said while dressed from head-to-toe in frontier fashion. “I’ve always known the history in various areas. With this particular [event], I also happen to know Teresa Sims and met Celeste Schmidt.”

Throughout the Texas Heroes Remembered Event, Cotton and her two partners who portrayed Davy Crockett and daughter of the two, Rebecca Crockett, could be found on the front porch of a 19th century cabin telling the story of their characters lives to students and citizens.

“I feel very honored to portray Elizabeth and I’m very proud of it,” Cotton said. “Odd somewhat because there were a lot of heroes for the Alamo, but not very many are well-known like this. I feel I have a responsibility to care for all of them.”

Cotton expressed that she has a passion for American and Texas history and wants the real story of what happened involving whom to be shared – which she can do through her role as Elizabeth Crockett and the stories she tells.

“Getting the reality of it is my favorite part of it I think,” she explained. “There’s a lot of embroidered stories and so forth, which are good, but it’s about getting the real story out and the real person out of it.”

Texas Heroes Remembered is the first event celebrating Texas Heritage that Glen Rose has ever hosted and Cotton said it is one that should carry on.

“I think Glen Rose and Somervell County are doing a wonderful job here that’s not done enough. Some other places ought to take notes and learn how to do it,” Cotton said.


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