I was totally shocked and in disbelief that you replaced James Teague at Best Value Pharmacy, Glen Rose. The man was your business, your franchise is just a name. Your type of decisions may very well work in a larger market, but it won't work in a town where people take the value of a business through the value of a person. James always went out of his way to make you understand what medications were and you were taken care of before you left.

I nor my family will no longer be taking our business to Best Value Pharmacy. I am sure you are not concerned about my business. I will do my best to try to convince everyone I visit with to also to do business elsewhere. I'm sure you have some kid fresh out of college running numbers for you telling you how much money you can save by making this move. I feel sorry for you, to be so educated with your multiple degrees and yet be so ignorant, but most of all I feel sorry for the young man you put in James’ place; those are big, big shoes to fill. I leave you with one more thing I was taught very young in life, you get what you pay for. Best Value has lost a lot.

Dwayne Johnson, Glen Rose