Our Showboater-in-Chief (President) wants us to believe that all his self-righteous accusations against the Second Amendment are to protect the general public.

His real intention is to disarm, negate its valve and its usefulness to the sanctity of the home, personal safety and national security by registration or outright denial of all guns or have some guns registered and list where the owners live. The Federal Government would know where all the guns are located and could confiscate them at will.

Most of the demagogy diatribe is a result of the recent and the supposed instances of serious mental illnesses. A generation or two ago, the liberal psychologists and the psychiatrists cried loudly against the practice of institutionalizing them, but to keep them at home or in small enclaves and treat them with drugs and professional counseling. Seems that the chickens came home to roost.

The Second Amendment is No. 2 because it protects the No. 1 Amendment (guarantee of free speech) along with the other Bill of Rights, like personal property rights as stated in the Fourth Amendment.


Eugene Brode