GLEN ROSE – The Glen Rose City Council faced a full agenda Monday night during its regularly scheduled monthly meeting. Among the agenda items, the council filled four local board vacancies, which included  a new Mayor Pro-Tem, a new P&Z Board member and a new CVB Board member.

The first item on the agenda for individual items to be considered was possible action regarding approval of the Easement Agreement between Glen Rose and Somervell County Water Supply Corporation for where the relocation of the lift station will be. No questions were received and the motion was passed.

Item number two on the agenda did receive a little discussion. The agenda item dealt with a possible approval of Resolution 2016-13, which would approve a contract with the new rates for Atmos Energy Corporation’s Mid-Tex divisions. The divisions and rate changes are affecting some 70 cities, and are increasing $1.26 a month for a total yearly increase of approximately $15.

“This does not change or affect the gas rates, those are under a separate operation. I would recommend the approval of the rate change,” City Administrator Chester Nolen said.

The motion passed 5-0.

Election of the new Mayor Pro-Tem took place as the third item on the agenda.

Doug Mitchell, who was recently elected onto the city council, made his nomination for Councilwoman Sandra Ramsay – which passed unanimously.

Approval of Resolution 2016-16 regarding the city using Brinson-Benefits as an agent of record for employee health insurance was then discussed. Representative from Brinson-Benefits, Demetra Bell-Runnels, was present and spoke on behalf of the company.

Nolen noted that the current health insurance provider did not have proper representation regarding this last year.

Brinson-Benefits will make it possible to get ahold of a physician over the phone, all hours of the day, and receive prescriptions for antibiotics without having to make a trip to the doctor’s office.

“The Teledac feature is well worth the $4 per employee a month,” Bell-Runnels stated. “It would be $80 total a month for the city. It would keep employees out go the doctors office because they could call anytime of night. This is a net zero change for the city. It would take effect immediately.”

The motion passed unanimously.

Approval of an ordinance to supply the funds for a replacement of the roof of the City Hall building located at 201 NE Vernon was then discussed. The roof contractor, Torres-Boren, who recently replaced roofs on the building in Oakdale Park, will carry out this job,

“It would appear identical to any other historic building downtown and it will match the color of the roof on the courthouse,” Nolen shared.

The motion passed 5-0.

Approval of Ordinance No. 587 which authorizes the issuance and sale of the Tax and Waterworks and Sewer Surplus Revenue Certificates of Obligation, Series 2016, amounting to $3,520,000 to the Texas Water Development Board was then discussed and the motion passed unanimously.

Replacement of one member and an alternate for the P&Z Board, along with a replacement of one CVB alternate were discussed. The resulting action would mean that one current alternate on the CVB board be moved to full board member. Nolen then informed the council that the 4BEDC only has three members and it needs seven to be a quorum.

The council then suggested Robert Marquez, Dennis Moore and Doug Mitchell for the board, and resident Carmen Lewis was appointed the last open position.

“I feel like she would be involved, dedicated and an asset,” Ramsey suggested.

Resident Julia Douglas was chosen to fill the vacancy on the P&Z Board as a full board member, while the search to fill in the alternate position will take place during the next meeting.

Dave Andres was moved up to the full time position on the CVB board. Kristen Gibson was then appointed to be the alternate for the board.

Staff Reports were normal and no executive session took place.


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