Recently, the question has again arisen about how to best solve the traffic bottleneck through Glen Rose going south or coming from the south. The visually apparent solution is to continue Hwy. 144 across Hwy. 67 and across Van Zant and continuing across the Paluxy River with a new bridge. This new road would cross Hwy. 56 and tie back into Hwy. 144 near Boot Scootin’ or nearer town. At one time in the past, the state offered to furnish the cost of this necessary right-of-way if the county would furnish the cost of a new bridge.

This solution will not satisfy the detractors who want to build the new highway through present downtown. The present route of Hwy. 67 supposedly prevented all the presently-developed new businesses along its route from being located downtown. The above proposed new route of Hwy. 144 would again have new businesses from being located downtown with its myriad of negative location and access requirements.

The detractors’ proposed new route would require an overpass at the intersection of Hwy. 67 and Hwy. 56 (thus destroying all the present businesses as we know them now at their present locations). It would probably destroy all the houses on the west side of Hereford Street. It would probably lower the residential property values of the entire neighborhood. It would require another overpass at the intersection of Hereford and Barnard, thus destroying the values of the Milam House and the Senior Citizens Building. A new two million plus-or-minus bridge will be needed to cross the river. The power station on Paluxy Street will have to be relocated.

At present, during frequent times during the day, traffic backs up almost to Gabe’s, just trying to get through the bottleneck of the town’s square. Wouldn’t it be better to avoid added traffic congestion downtown, have room for healthy new growth at the edge of the city and have a healthy downtown for tourism? The above would all be for less cost and aggravation to you, the taxpayer.

Eugene Brode

June 13, 2016