GLEN ROSE – In previous years, Relay for Life events in Somervell County has been extremely successful. Take for instance in 2014 when the Reporter found that the event raised $38,000 with the Brookshire’s team alone bringing in $4,501.

But this year’s total at the 10-hour 'Stick a Fork in Cancer' event? This year's total, which has yet to be completely calculated, is estimated by the event’s coordinator Shannon Samuelson to be just around what Brookshire’s raised in 2014.

“I’m extremely disappointed in the lack of support that we had from the community," Samuelson said. "We probably had about 90 [community members] in attendance. You can’t make money if people aren’t there."

Prior to the event, Samuelson stressed that a percentage of the proceeds would be funneled back into the community this year with hopes of more support from its members.

“We were nowhere near our goal [$30,000]," Samuelson stated. "We raised $30,000 in the past. I knew we probably wouldn’t make that, but I was hoping to at least make what we did last year.

"I know there are issues with the community and the [American Cancer Society]. We wanted people to be there so we could raise enough money to leave a substantial chunk of it to the community so it didn’t all go to ACS, but as of right now the final total is still being calculated.”

Despite the event’s turnout, Samuelson has expressed a desire to continue her efforts next year with hopes of bringing in many more aspects of the community.

“I would like to see the elementary school get into Relay Recess, or even see somebody getting a golf tournament together, but you need volunteers and obviously this community is lacking volunteers,” Samuelson said.

In hindsight, Samuelson admitted that she wished the event had taken place earlier in the year.

“We picked a date that we hoped wouldn’t conflict with other events," she explained. "I would like to see it the first part of April so the high school kids could get involved and middle school kids. That’s a good time where there isn’t really anything going on with the school. A lot of the high school clubs could get involved. Maybe make it a competition to see who could raise the most money. The better it is, the better it is for the community also.”

Although the event's outcome was not what she expected, Samuelson said she was still able to see the bright side of things.

“My favorite thing about the event is that the people who were there, they were family," she added. "Just to see the families working hard together for a good cause and being able to spend time together and have a great time was nice.”

Samuelson also shared that the Glen Rose Century Club's team led by Drew Myers of KOME 95.3 led the way with a whopping 204 total miles walked during the 10-hour event.


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