GLEN ROSE _ The Glen Rose ISD and Glen Rose athletics department is welcoming a new coach and teacher to join what is currently 32 new hires for the 2016-17 school year.

Coach Trava Smith has made her initial appearance in Glen Rose as the J.V. volleyball coach, but she will also be coaching seventh grade basketball, as well as the assistant tennis coach.

She’s a native of California.

“I lived there until I was 13,” she explained. “We moved to Texas and my parents, Jerry and Bobby Davis, are from Texas. We moved to Arlington and I went to Bowie High School. I played volleyball at the University of Texas Arlington so I was kind of a hometown kid.

Most recently, Smith and her family moved to Glen Rose from her husband’s hometown of Kopperl.

“I met my husband, who is from Kopperl,” she said. “He convinced me to move to the country and that’s where we’ve lived for 20 of the 27 years we’ve been together.  I taught in Cleburne for a little while, but he convinced me to put our kids in school at Kopperl. Our older three, who are 26, 25, and 23 all went to and graduated from Kopperl.”

Smith and her husband also have two children who are enrolled at GRHS, Ty and Logan Smith. Logan is a sophomore who plays on the varsity volleyball team and Ty is a freshman who is on the JV football team.

“My kids are super excited and they love the school. I’m ecstatic we’re here,” Smith said.

Along with coaching, Smith is an English teacher. She will be teaching English 1 and E.O.C prep courses.

“I am primarily an English teacher. Because I come from a smaller school district, I was the only English teacher there and I taught all of the English classes 7-12. I taught fourth grade one year, too,” Smith said.

During her 19 years of varsity coaching, Smith has accomplished many things.

“I’ve had two state appearances in volleyball, a couple of regional final appearances in basketball as the assistant coach, and I took over tennis at Kopperl about five years ago,” she said. “We’ve  had four state appearances. We did really well there.”

This year? Smith hopes to make a difference in both teaching and coaching.

“I’m only teaching one English 1 class and a lot of EOC classes,” she said. “The EOC classes are prep classes to get kids to pass the test. My biggest goal for this year is to have success. Getting the kids to pass the test and feel like they’ve achieved something. On the sports end of it, obviously to increase the overall volleyball program. I want to help Sandy Langford build this program better, she’s already doing a phenomenal job and I feel like we make a great addition to the already existing coaching staff. Just to help her with the JV kids and get their skill level up.”

Because of her longevity in her previous home, the transition from Kopperl Eagle to  Glen Rose Tiger took some doing, she said.

“It’s kind of crazy because I’ve been a Eagle for so long. We do this chant at the beginning of practice called “Tiger Strong” and the first couple of days I wanted to say “Eagle”. But by the end of the week, I’m 100 percent  tiger now. Tiger Strong, that’s what we are,” Smith said.

She noted that two volleyball scrimmages took place over the weekend of Aug. 5-6.

“The varsity dominated all weekend, we didn’t struggle in one game,” Smith said. “The ability for a coach to play with rotations and get all the subs in is sometimes hard that are closely knit with you. We didn’t have that Saturday. We easily were able to look at rotations, get the subs in, look at different combinations. That just tells you where we are. The bench is deep and strong. It’s JV and varsity. We’ve got kids to play other than the starting six.”

The GRHS Lady Tiger Volleyball teams are set and ready for a strong season ahead of them.


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