GLEN ROSE – An undetermined amount of cash and several kinds of prescription medication were stolen overnight during a front-door break-in at Glen Rose Discount Drug and Gift Shop, 906 NE Big Bend Trail, authorities confirmed Thursday.

Police and store personnel said they believe the burglary took place between roughly 7 p.m. Wednesday night and 8 a.m. Thursday morning.

Mark Elliott, operations manager for Preston Road Pharmacy First Lone Star Pharmacy Group – the company that owns the drug store – said the person or persons who committed this burglary might have known what the store's alarm code was and where the safe was located.

“They knew enough to get in and out of here without our alarm going off,” Eliiott said. “We have no idea when exactly they broke in because our alarm didn't go off. We didn't find out about this until we opened around 8 a.m. All we know the alarm was set last night at 7:06 p.m.”

Elliott said the intruder or intruders apparently gained entry by positioning a pry bar in the front door lock and bending the hook latch.

“When a hook latch is in place, a (well-positioned) pry bar can make it give,” Elliott said. “They stuck the crowbar in just enough to make it pop.”

There were no immediate witnesses to the break-in, and Somervell County Sheriff Greg Doyle said the investigation continued Thursday.

“Nobody was injured during this break-in burglary,” Sheriff Doyle said Thursday morning. “We don’t yet have a list of the the medications and cash that was taken. They (the burglars) were in and out of here in short order. We have processed the scene or fingerprints, but it is too early right now to tell what we have come up with.”

The sheriff said these kinds of break-ins often are perpetrated by organized criminal rings.

“Pharmacies seem to be a pretty big target,” he said. ”Hopefully down the road, we will be able to link this (crime) with with something else.”

Many Glen Rose passersby noticed the large number of vehicles surrounding the store Thursday morning as authorities investigated the break-in.

After the burglary was discovered by store personnel, Elliott explained, employees were advised to stay out of the way until the sheriff’s deputies finished their investigation.

The sheriff reiterated that their investigation did not turn up any immediate answers. But it is ongoing, Doyle said.

“We are checking – but at this point in time we don’t have anything,” the sheriff said. “ ... This has happened at different businesses throughout the state of Texas on a pretty regular basis.”

Sheriff Doyle said the Somervell County Crime Stoppers chapter soon will issue a news release to the public seeking information from potential witnesses.

“We’re going to put something out there,” the sheriff said. “We’ll be looking to collect any information we can.”