An 18-year-old former Glen Rose ISD student suffered a severe injury to her left arm in a two-vehicle accident on Sept. 21. She remains hospitalized in stable condition.

Katherin L. Bowles is giving credit to her boyfriend, Christopher R. White, for possibly saving her life when he was able to stop the severe bleeding from her injured arm.

“He took his belt and used it as a tourniquet and stopped the bleeding, and pretty much saved my life,” Bowles said of White, who is 20.

Bowles was the driver of a 1995 Ford pickup that collided with another pickup late that afternoon on FM 205 near the entrance to Dinosaur Valley State Park.

She told the Glen Rose Reporter by phone on Wednesday that she had four surgeries already, and was scheduled to have more later. 

She said she feels fortunate to have survived the accident, but her elbow was shattered and she almost lost the left arm. She will remain in John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth for an undetermined length of time, plus physical therapy. She said her doctors plan on doing reconstructive surgery as well as a skin graft, and that their main concern at this point is fending off infection.

“I almost lost my life. It (the crash) lacerated my left arm and it almost came off,” said Bowles, who was a 2016 graduate of nearby Brazos River Charter School. “I can’t feel two of my fingers.”

Bowles said that life in Glen Rose, in general, is “pretty boring,” but that “Everything just changed in an instant. I can’t complain. I’m just glad to be alive and that everyone else is OK.”

There were two passengers in her pickup –White and her 13-year-old sister, Elizabeth Bowles. Their residence is on that same road, just past the state park. Elizabeth was treated and released by the hospital for a collarbone fracture. White sustained a thumb injury but refused medical treatment.

Bowles said that she thought the other pickup involved was turning right, but instead turned left and she was unable to avoid hitting it. The pickup driven by Bowles then left the roadway and struck a tree.

That other vehicle was driven by Jacob Ross Gosdin, 28, of Glen Rose.

DPS Senior Trooper Dub Gillum said that the report indicates that Gosdin was issued a citation for making an unsafe turn.

Gosdin was not injured, according to the report.