Sherman’s hoping to receive reimbursements from the state by the end of next year for transporting Medicaid beneficiaries and uninsured patients.

Under the Texas Ambulance Supplemental Payment Program, which is administered by the Texas Health Services Commission, Sherman can receive annual reimbursements to offset losses from treating and transporting those patients.

“This is a state of Texas program to compensate governmental agencies that provide ambulance services to Medicaid and uninsured transports,” Director of Finance Mary Lawrence said. “This will provide reimbursements for our uncompensated costs.”

The city will soon begin advertising for bids for a cost reporting system that would meet Texas Health and Human Services requirements for the Ambulance Supplemental Payment Program.

“What we found when we started looking at vendors to provide this cost-reporting structure was that the pricing models were all over the map,” Lawrence said. “We decided competitive bid was the best way to secure pricing on this.”

City staff expect that the reimbursement payments Sherman will receive will offset the price of the cost reporting system.

“The report’s due in March and about nine months after that we hope to receive some reimbursement, but we have no idea how much it will be,” Lawrence said. “For other cities it’s just all over the map.”

Lawrence said she’s heard of other cities receiving reimbursements anywhere in between $20,000 and $28 million, though she said she expects Sherman’s reimbursement to likely be closer to the $20,000 range.