Rainbow resident Karen Lee Shepard on Wednesdaywas convicted on two felony theft counts and sentenced to two years in state jail by Judge John Neill in 18thJudicial District Court in Glen Rose.

Shepard, 56, was indicted on April 5, 2016 on the two charges. The charges were in connection with money from accounts at First Financial Bank of Glen Rose, where she had been working as an assistant loan officer.

On the first count – theft of property, more than $20,000/less than $100,000 from an elderly person – Shepard was given 10 years of probation and is responsible for restitution of $84,100.

Shepard’s two-year state jail sentence was given on count 2 – theft of property more than $1,500/less than $20,000 – with no time-served credit for early release.

Shepard was also ordered to pay court costs of $384 and $60 to the Community Supervision Department.

The indictment states that the scheme cited in count 1 occurred from on or about Feb. 27, 2014, through about Oct. 28, 2015, involving an elderly woman.

Count 2 in the indictment involved a scheme involving an oil company that began on or about March 1, 2015, continuing through about Nov. 15, 2015. 

Shepard was represented by attorney Shay Isham.