Glen Rose Junior High School participants and medalists were recognized on Dec. 16 at the school for their results when they competed in the University Interscholastic League Academic Meet Dec. 7-8 in Waxahachie.

Also, auditions were recently held for the GRJHS One Act Play, and rehearsals are about to begin. Their UIL competition will be in February.

Those who placed among the GRJHS sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade Academic Meet participants are:


8th grade: Trinidy McCoy, fifth place; Preston Roberson, sixth place; Team, second place (Roberson, McCoy, Kampbell Scheu)

7th grade: Joseph Talavera, first; Lacy Burtscher and Kritka Timalsina, third; Team, first (Talavera, Burtscher, Timalsina).

Maps, Graphs & Charts

8th grade: Zoe Bush, fourth; Team, fourth (Lila Boyett, Haven Linnaberry, Bush).

7th grade: Elizabeth Locke, first place; Sydney Headrick, fourth place; Team, first (Locke, Headrick, Adam Beltran).

6th grade: Luke Niedziela, fifth; Team, third (Morris, Miller, Niedziela).


8th grade: Jenna White, fourth.

Modern Oratory

8th grade: Rylee Thrasher, fourth.

7th grade: Jody Keahy, first.

Social Studies

7th grade: Hazel Hawkins, first; Kritika Timalsina, third; Jillian Kirkley, fifth; Team, first (Timalsina, Hawkins, Kirkley).

Dictionary Skills

7th grade: Alexis Thames, third.

6th grade: Diana Hurtado and Jordan Placide, fourth.

Science 1

7th grade: Nandni Solanki, second; John Hague, fourth; Team, first (Solanki, Hague, Hamrighaus).

Science 2

8th grade: Sammy Aldridge, third; Victor Esparza, fifth; Team, third (Sammy Aldridge, Caden Schinagel, Jenna White).


6th grade: Caden McKenzie, first; Andrews, Cook and McKenzie, third

Number Sense

8th grade: Jenna White, sixth; Team, third (Caden Schinagel, Jenna White, Jake Treadaway).

6th grade: Hudson White, third.

Calculator Applications

8th grade: Paloma Gonzalez, second; Angie Herrera, third; Ayari Beltran, fourth; Team (Beltran, Gonzalez, Herrera).

7th grade: Catalina Sanchez, fourth; Team, third (Esparza, Aldridge, Lozier).


8th grade: Ashlyn Perry, first; Amanda Mao, second; Team, first (Mao, Perry, Thrasher).

7th grade: Addelyn Lumpkins, first; Team, second (Lumpkins, Ushma Dhakal, Alexander McPherson).

6th grade: Kristeena Gregory, third.

Editorial Writing

7th grade: Jullian Kirkley, second; Jody Keahey, third.

6th grade: Isabella Villa, fifth.

Ready Writing

8th grade: Abby Stephenson, fifth.

7th grade: Austin Woolard, first.

6th grade: Walker Andrews, second; Deshay Yzaguirre, sixth; Team, second (Sanchez, Hernandez, Yzaguirre).

Calculator Application

6th grade: Julia Lane, second; Ashton Overly and Stevi Martinez, sixth; Team, first (Overly, Martinez, Lane).

Oral Reading

8th grade: Preston Roberson, first; Caden Schinagel, third; Emma Lozier, fourth.

7th grade: Zoee Johnson, third; Catherine Ogletree, fifth.

6th grade: Mignon Miller, third; Walker Andrews, fifth.

Impromptu Speaking

8th grade: Blake Perry, fifth.

6th grade: Hudson White, first; Kendall Rush, fourth.


8th grade: Amanda Mao, third; Paloma Gonzalez and Victoria Esparza, fourth; Team, first (Gonzalez, Mao, Cuellar, Esparza, Beltran).

7th grade: Vivian Lamure, third; Lacey Burtscher, fourth; Team, first (Lamure, Burtscher, Wiemers).

6th grade: Monce Calzado; Team, second (Tovar, Calzado, Berry, Miller).

Chess Puzzle

6th grade: Walker Andrews, sixth.