Put on your walking — or jogging — shoes, Glen Rose.

The Glen Rose River Walk has reopened to the public, after being closed for about seven months to repair flood damage.

Flooding from two separate rain events last summer required repairs to a walkway bridge that was demolished, plus fences and light fixtures that were damaged.

The walkway, which runs from Paluxy Heritage Park to the dam on the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, is popular with residents and tourists alike.

“I’m absolutely thrilled and excited about it. It’s a lovely place to rest and relax and have a good view,” Glen Rose Mayor Sam Moody said of the reopening last week.

Moody said several factors contributed to the length of time the river walk had to remain closed. One was the extent of the repairs needed, and related safety issues with exposed wiring. Another was having to wait to get disaster relief funds through FEMA.

“Certain things take time,” Moody said. “Our public works folks have been diligently doing everything they can.”

City Council member Dennis Moore also noted the safety issues caused by exposed electrical wiring on light fixtures. Only a canoe ramp and a scenic overlook remaining closed for additional repairs, he said.

“Ninety-five percent of the walk is available now, all the way to Big Rocks (Park),” Moore said. “This takes time. The damage might have been more than people realized.”

Moore added that it’s good to have the river walk open in time for the upcoming spring break, when the foot traffic there usually increases.

“I know the mayor and the council are relieved it’s back in operation,” Moore said. “I know I”m certainly happy. People jog and walk there. It’s good for tourism.”