Glen Rose Elementary and Glen Rose Intermediate School recently participated in the Fall Academic UIL Meet at Lakeview Camp in Waxahachie.

UIL participants did extremely well in their contests.    

Congratulations to the following students for their UIL academic achievements:

2nd Grade Creative Writing - Coach Lynne Dillard

Dixie Snodgrass, Henley Watkins, Braylon Reid

2nd Grade Chess Puzzles - Coach Michelle Horn - Team Placed 1st

Landon Jones, Nate Harlin, 2nd place, Dominic Salting   

2nd Grade Oral Reading - Coach Mandy Gosdin

Jaden Huett, 6th place, Ashlynne Conner, Tulah Paschal, 1st place

2nd Grade Storytelling - Coach Denise Lane

Viviana Dawson, 6th place, Kynli Matthews, 5th place, Jack Jewett, 1st place

2nd Grade Spelling - Coach Claire Downing - Team placed 2nd

Noah Balkenbush, 3rd place, Claire Gonzalez, Ely Bradford, 3rd place

3rd Grade Ready Writing - Coach Donna Fowler

Lillian La Mure, Emma Sampson, 1st place, Caden Marrs, Brylee Callahan, 6th place

3rd Grade Spelling - Coach Amy Turner

Adam Power, 2nd place, Boyd Statler

3rd Grade Oral Reading - Coach Betty Grace

Halle Campos, 3rd place, Maggie Moore, Lilly Stover

3rd Grade Storytelling - Coach Jackie Odom

Liam Miller, 3rd place, Wesson Smith, Libby Turner

3rd Grade Music Memory - Coach Penny Brister

McKenna Smith, Ashton Dodson, Carter Ice, Aubree Whatley, Hailey Marrs, Kaleb Ramirez

3rd Grade Chess Puzzles - Coach Wendy Homrighaus - Team Placed 1st

Brady Stephenson, 2nd place, Coben Cowell, 1st place, Trenton Veno 

4th Grade Ready Writing - Coach Lisa Cox

Karyme Tovar, 5th place,  Alexis Rynders

4th Spelling Coach Amy Turner - Team placed 1st

Caleb Plzak, 2nd place, Bryce Plzak, 1st place, Brooklyn Peterson

4th Oral Reading – Coach Anne Glass

Joslyn Frennell, 5th place, Zara Overton, Justyn Wynn

4th Art Coach - Julie Wheeler

Claire Cantwell,Taylor Harlin, Aubrey Schuelke

4th Grade Music Memory  - Coach Penny Brister- Team Placed 3rd

Grace Rodriguez, Karyme Tovar,Kristen Sanchez,Trinity Lewis,Jaxson Pillow, Selene De Reza

4th Grade Number Sense - Coach Ruth A. Emerson

Lucas Bradford, 3rd place, Uir Muro,  Keltoyn Redmond, 3rd Team

4th Grade Chess Puzzles  - Coach Kelly Johnson - Team Placed 2nd

Gaston McGarity,Nathan Rigano, Cason Staples, 3rd place

5th Grade Art - Coach Julie Wheeler

Hannah Baukenbush, 3rd place, Kaden Bruce, Jadon Sinclair

5th Grade Maps/Graphs/Charts - Coach Patty Bieler - Team Placed 1st

Gage Edgar, Gunner Sherley, Clayton Gottfried, 1st Place

5th Grade Dictionary Skills - Coach Marla Bretton - Team Placed 1st

Aimee Flippen, 1st, Jordan Thrasher, 5th, Ali Wilson, 2nd

5th Grade Number Sense - Coach Ruth Emerson - Team Placed 2nd

Danica Paxton, 2nd, Avery Gray, 6th,  Jewell Morris

5th Grade Listening - Coach Kris Phillips - Team Placed 2nd

Caden Moore, 3rd place, Trevin Young, Jake Woolard, 5th place

5th Grade Spelling - Sandra Flores- Team Placed 1st

Adrienne Campos, Emily Candido, 3rd place, Stephen Buccino, 6th place

5th Grade Ready Writing - Coach Keri Flippen

Paisley Evans, Brenna Bulat, 2nd,  Hannah Balkenbush, 5th,  Reese Waits

5th Grade Chess Puzzles - Coach Kelly Johnson

Jax Heppler, Wyatt Lawson, Ethan Treadaway

5th Grade Social Studies - Coach Katie Lowery- Team Placed 1st

Jaxon Riddle, 4th place, Lucas Delay, 6th place,  Ali Moss

5th Grade Music Memory - Coach Penny Brister

Aydan Blair, Jake Griffin, Aliana Bredon, Daffney Flores, Zach Nightingale

5th Grade Oral Reading - Coach Candace Stegint

Brenna Bulat, 1st place, Paisley Evans 3rd place, Camden Raymond