The Somervell County Sheriff’s Office is investigating loud noises either north or east of Glen Rose that some residents described as “cannon” shots over the holiday weekend on social media sites.

Multiple Facebook posts from a number of residents voiced concerns over the “boom” noises that apparently occurred repeatedly. Some of the posts claimed the noises were loud enough to shake their homes.

Some speculated that it was someone using Tannerite, a legal over-the-counter exploding target used for recreational firearm shooting practice. One comment said it may be homemade fireworks.

Others said the explosions were related to normal rock quarry work with explosives, while some stated it could simply be noise caused by rural predator control measures.

On Tuesday, Sheriff Alan West told the Glen Rose Reporter that there was only one call to 911 over the President’s Day holiday weekend complaining about noise. That complaint reported a possible single shot fired from a large-caliber rifle in the Glen Rose Hills area. No leads were found when deputies investigated that call.

“We do know about it,” West said of the social media chatter about the noise issue. “We’re checking into it, because the citizens are concerned about it. We want to know what it is.”

West suggested that if residents are experiencing recurring problems with loud noise that they should notify the Sheriff’s Office.

In other weekend news, West said a trailer stolen out of Hood County was found by deputies in Somervell County, and that the adult male suspect in that case was already in custody in Johnson County. The case is still under investigation, West said.