A combination of rising afternoon heat and alcohol consumption led to gunshots fired into the air and the arrest of four people last Saturday, according to Somervell County Sheriff’s Office officials.

Sheriff Alan West indicated that an angry confrontation involving several people occurred at a pickup point for recreational canoe and inner tube rentals on the Brazos River about three miles east of Glen Rose. So far only misdemeanor public intoxication charges have been filed, pending further investigation.

“There was an indication some shots were fired,” West said.

Deputy Chief Dwayne Griffin said the firearm was discharged into the air, rather than toward a person.

“There was not anyone being targeted,” Griffin explained.

West and Griffin noted that there were about 30 people at the scene, although most of them were not involved in the confrontation.

Four adults were arrested at the scene by deputies, and all were charged with public intoxication.

“There could possibly be other charges pursuant to the investigation, and we can’t talk about that,” Griffin said.

The four adults arrested on Saturday on public intoxication ranged in age from 25 to 53, and included one woman. Two have Fort Worth addresses, while the others were from Irving and Crowley.

West said with the summer temperatures heating up, and more people now arriving to participate in activities along the river, he is reinstating the deputy river patrols that had been used in previous years to bolster public safety during the busy summer tourism season.

“Somervell County and Glen Rose are known for tourism, and we want those small-town attributes and safety to continue,” West stated. “That’s why we’re starting the river patrol, to make it safe to enjoy the amenities here.”

West said that having the river patrols in place had not only reduced clashes that sometimes led to fighting, but also helped cut down on littering and other problems.

West said that family members enjoying the river areas have said they appreciated seeing the river patrols in the past.