Winston Lagergren of the Somervell County 4-H Shooting Sport Club recently was awarded a $1,740 scholarship from the Cross Timbers Quail Coalition for work he did as an assistant covey leader during the Conservation Camp at the 25th Rolling Plains Bobwhite Brigade in Coleman County.

Lagergren, a 15-year-old who will be at sophomore this fall at Glen Rose High School, was involved in the rigorous five-day camp with both classroom and field biology studies.

The camp features leadership and team building at its core. Lagergren had to compete for one of the five leadership positions.

Lagergren’s project in 4-H Shooting Sports is Wildlife & Fisheries. The Bobwhite Brigade and an upcoming Waterfowl Brigade Camp, were the best venues he could find to get a large concentration of knowledge and hands-on experience for his project.

Lagergren said he feels his project is a natural outgrowth of his 4-H shooting sports project of the past six years.

“This takes my project for being a bit self-centered in purely improving my ability to hit a target or game I’m hunting, to a broader level of conservation that includes hunting and habitat sustainability,” Lagergren stated.

As part of his competition after attending last year’s camp, Lagergren worked on four wildlife research projects, gave 21 educational and promotional speeches to diverse groups, and wrote two magazine and two newspaper articles.

He also was interviewed on a national radio show, “Big Billy Kinder Outdoors.”

It was because of that work he was awarded the scholarship at this year’s camp.