Joel Sims, who graduated from Glen Rose High School in May, earned an “Outstanding Performer” medal in the University Interscholastic League’s Texas State Solo-Ensemble Tenor/Bass Voice Solo Contest.

Bradley Kent, state director of music for the UIL, noted that the medal is identical to those awarded to state champions in all UIL events.

Out of the approximately 100,000 students participating in the regional UIL music contests and the 25,000 musicians who performed at TSSEC, only 2-3 percent of the solo performances earned the “distinguished honor of behing recognized as an Outstanding Performer, Kent stated in a letter to Sims enclosed with the medal last month. “This achievement is truly a mark of musical excellence!”

“Joel is a very talented young man with a great voice,” GRHS Principal Kelly Shackelford said. “He excelled in choir and theatre while at GRHS and was a wonderful student to have in class.

“As principal, I will miss seeing Joel daily and his many great performances, but I am looking forward to seeing the great things that he will do in the future.”

Kent added, “Awards of this nature do not come easily and reflect the efforts of many individuals. Your parents, school and teachers are to be commended for their contribution to your success.

“I encourage you to share this honor with them. At the same time remember that you alone through your talent, dedication and hard work made this accomplishment a reality. I extend to you my personal best wishes for continued success as you strive for musical excellence.”