The Glen Rose Lions Club once again pitched in to help this summer with the annual Texas Lions Camp held in Kerrville.

On July 7, local Lions Club members served lunch to approximately 375 campers who have either general disabilities or are epileptic. The Texas Lions Camp was chartered in 1949, as a response to the polio epidemic during that time frame.

Each summer, the camp serves more than 1,500 children with all types of physical disabilities, with special dates for cancer patients, Down Syndrome victims and Type 1 diabetics. The children attend the camp free of charge, courtesy of the Lions Club.

Each Friday night during the camp, there is a ceremony in which campers receive awards.

In addition to supporting the Texas Lions Camp with financial contributions, the Glen Rose Lions Club also sponsors a hole at the camp’s golf tournament fundraiser. The Glen Rose Lions will make a memorial donation if one of their members passes away.

The Glen Rose club purchases a lifetime membership in the camp for each of its outgoing club presidents.

The local club sponsored two Glen Rose children to attend this year’s camp with no charge.

The first session of the Texas Lions Camp started in early June, and the last of nine summer sessions concludes Saturday.