The nationwide Clear the Shelter event should once again be a win-win-win situation for everyone involved.

Glen Rose Animal Control will participate in Clear the Shelter on Saturday, Aug. 19, along with animal shelters across the state, offering pets to the public with no adoption fee. The doors will open at 9:30 at 1685 North FM 56.

Those looking for a new pet can be winners in this deal, along with Animal Control — and the animals, who need a new home with someone to love them.

Last year’s event was special, when the Glen Rose Animal Control facility achieved its goal — clearing the “shelter” of all 36 animals available at the time — in just an hour and a half. Tammy Ray, the facility’s lead animal control officer, said that Glen Rose Animal Control did something special.

“Last year, our first time (to participate in Clear the Shelter), we were the first shelter in Texas to clear the shelter,” said Animal Control officer Loretta Adams, who coordinated last year’s event.

This year there are 62 shelters in North Texas participating in the event, to find homes for adoptable pets. It brings together cities, counties and nonprofit organizations as a unified effort.

Last year there reportedly were 7,136 pets adopted from 66 North Texas shelters that participated. Nationally, approximately 53,000 adoptions were processed through more than 700 shelters on that day.

Adams said she is looking forward to this year’s event, hoping Glen Rose and Somervell County can repeat that success.

“There was a feeling of adrenaline,” Adams said. “I wanted to cry. I was like, ‘We did it.’ It was overwhelming. We were so worried that we were not going to be a success.”

Adams explained that last year’s success was boosted by the fact that television station KXAS (channel 5) came to Glen Rose in advance of the event and aired a story about the local Animal Control participating. Last year, the Clear the Shelter event was a little earlier, on July 23.

Adams said the speed of the adoptions on last year’s Clear the Shelter day was made possible because there were eight to 10 volunteers on hand helping. They also had prepared much of the adoption paperwork ahead of time.

“We do have a good group of volunteers,” Ray said. “I’m ready for these animals to get out and get good homes — and keep a home.”

Ray said that the local facility stays full most of the time.

“It was a feeling of great accomplishment,” Ray said. “They got great homes. I would love to be the first shelter (to clear) again.”

Ray said that this year’s event they should have about 14 animals available for adoption, including six cats.

“The rest are too small to get fixed, or to get rabies shots,” Ray said, adding that they will have “lots of goody bags” that will include pet care information brochures.

Although the usual adoption fee of $75 will be waived on that Saturday, anyone wanting to adopt an animal still needs to bring their driver’s license or valid Texas identification, Ray noted. Also, people who are renters should have some confirmation from their landlord that pets are allowed there. This is a requirement intended to limit the number of animals that have to be returned because of that potential conflict.

Glen Rose Animal Control’s phone number is 254-897-3113.