Harrison Hawkins, who will be a junior this fall at Glen Rose High School, attended the national Foundation for Teaching Economics program’s St. Louis Economics for Leaders held July 17-23 as one of only 32 students from around the country selected to participate.

The students who are chosen to attend one of the annual EFL events apply by mid-May, and they are considered based on their leadership potential, maturity and vision. Each applicant submits an essay, and their grade-point average and estimated class rank are also considered.

The program was at Washington University in St. Louis.

Hawkins was on the A Honor Roll for the 2016-2017 school year at GRHS. He said he wants to major in economics in college, with an eye on either law school or to achieve an MBA (masters degree in business administration). His father, Jason Hawkins, is a field engineer for a Metroplex-based company. His mother, Patti Hawkins, is a senior loan officer for City Bank Mortgage.

“It was kind of an interesting camp,” said Hawkins, who will turn 17 in September. “On the economic side, it definitely gave you the basic foundation on the economy, and stressed the real-world take on things. They teach you a lot of direction, and the words to use and ways to think about things. The leadership side was just as interesting.”

He said he arrived thinking it was going to be “a nerdy economics” camp, but he ended up enjoying the sessions that included speakers on the topic of leadership and other activities. He said he enjoyed meeting other students from different parts of the country, including Cleveland, Seattle and New York.

Hawkins has been on the GRHS varsity tennis team two years. He lettered on the Tigers varsity football team as a 6-foot-2 sophomore wide receiver in 2016.

The week-long program in St. Louis gave the attendees “an understanding of economic reasoning principles and how to apply those concepts for successful and effective leadership,” according to a news release from Jim Klauder, Foundation for Teaching Economics vice president, public affairs and development.

He added that “participants achieve a heightened awareness of the impact their decisions have on others and the responsibility that awareness imposes. Economics for Leaders is an unparalleled learning and growing opportunity. Students who have attended Economics for Leaders programs in prior years have called it ‘the experience of a lifetime.’ “

The EFL website states that the program is meant to give students knowledge to understand economic concepts shaping the global economy; foster students’ commitment to continued learning about economics and leadership; help students discover their potential as they learn to develop and implement effective leadership skills; and provide a fun-filled, active environment rich with new friendships that can last a lifetime.”