As new Cubmaster-in-training, I am proud to share the community projects, adventures, and advancements of our local Cub Scouts.  

Bear Den Leader, Darren Jones, took the Bear Den Cub Scouts to visit with Dr. Paul and Gary Crabtree last Friday night.  They learned important traits about horse behavior, thanks to "Scooter," the quarter horse with a foot injury.  The boys listened to Scooter's heart and bowel sounds with a stethoscope, and learned about his mood changes based on his ear position.

Radiological images of different animals were viewed as the boys toured the clinic, and they saw a dog heart with heart worms!  Dr. Paul and Gary Crabtree led an important discussion regarding types of snakes whether poisonous or not, held the boys' attention acutely. 

The Bear Den Cub Scouts learned about the career of Veterinary Medicine, education, training, and experience required to take care of animals; important points required to earn their Critter Care Adventure Elective.

Special thanks to Dr. Paul and Gary Crabtree, Assistant Annie, and Scooter for helping our Bear Den meet their Critter Care Adventure requirements.