A scout is reverent.  The scout law teaches boys to be good community citizens, and one of the ways include showing reverence for others.  When we show reverence for one's beliefs, or one's belongings, or one's privacy, we show reverence for ourselves.  Each scout was awarded an ornament of a snowflake that symbolized the uniqueness in each person.  

Prior to the Opening Ceremony, children had ornament crafts to build, and after some play time, the Wolf Den presented the colors.  The audience was reminded the importance of standing for the United States Flag and the American's Creed: 

                                     It is my duty to my country

                                     To love it;

                                     To support its Constitution;

                                     To obey its laws;

                                     To respect its flag; and

                                     To defend it against all enemies.

Webelo Taevon was awarded with his First Responder Adventure loop.  We had 3 Wolf Cubs Nixon, Miles, and Grant awarded their Paws on the Path Adventure loop, and Wolf Cub Luke was awarded his Howling at the Moon Adventure loop.  

Santa visited after parent participation taught our scouts how to make the best snowman, even with "itchy, purple" snow!  It was great fun.  The gift exchange was hilariously fun and to quickly over.  Santa gave each scout a Pinewood Derby Car to build for next year's race.  

The meeting and Christmas party was a success, and the scouts will no doubt look forward to next month's Pack Meeting.  Thanks to Den Leaders, Carl West for helping with Presentation of Colors, and Tammy West for everything.

Thanks to all the parents for all you do for scouting and remember to Keep it Simple, Make it Fun!