In the aftermath of Monday's water main break in downtown Glen Rose, City Manager Chester Nolen said Tuesday that the city's boil water notice will likely continue for several days.

The water line in front of the Heritage Building across from the courthouse square broke Monday morning.

It was repaired a few hours later as city maintenance workers gave up their New Year’s Day holiday working in subfreezing temperatures.

Nolen said that water samples have to be sent to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality for testing and be approved for human consumption before the notice will be discontinued.

Nolen said that “may take several days,” but it’s not certain exactly how long.

Nolen said the city water is safe for bathing or washing clothes, but all tap water for cooking or drinking should be boiled first.

Temperatures in Glen Rose and surrounding areas dropped into the 20s over the holiday weekend.

Icy road conditions caused multiple vehicle accidents in the county starting on Sunday, according to the Somervell County Sheriff’s Office.

One reportedly involved a semi tractor trailer and as many as six other vehicles. No serious injuries were reported.