Pack 725 cub scouts Grant Gray and Miles West hiked about 5 miles in the competition last Saturday, Jan. 6 at the Sid Richardson Ranch.  A fun day of hiking and friendly competition for Cub Scouts, parents, and Leaders, this event is the largest orienteering event in the United States.  Cub-O brought memories, skills, and adventure to everyone. 

Grant and Miles learned about using a map and a compass, the basic tenets to orienteering.  Prior to the competition they warmed up by doing the “gaga-ball”.  Parents Carl West and Keith Gray supported their young hikers, helping them get a game plan on where to go, traipsing across the wild trails of Sid Richardson Ranch, punching their maps to get points, and finally getting to the top of the hill for a great satisfactory view.

The Cub-O is a great way to have fun with orienteering.  Dens can compete with dens, or packs can compete against other packs, or even better, just a fun way to have a great hike in the country side.  Any way it takes to get your scout outside to learn important lessons seems to be the important rule of the day.   

Scouting is a great way to learn about the outdoors.  It isn’t all about tying knots or reading a compass.  The scouts of today will be community leaders of tomorrow. 

As leaders and parents, we strive always to keep our scouts safe, yet to keep it simple and have fun.