The latest hospital rating from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is good news for the Glen Rose Medical Center — and for those who need its services.

GRMC earned a 5-star rating for 2017, according to the hospital’s Chief Nursing Officer Donna Miller.

Miller said GRMC was one of only 33 of the 651 hospitals in Texas to get that rating. Only 10 percent of the nation’s hospitals achieve the top rating, on a scale of 1 for the lowest to 5 as the best.

“It’s such a huge thing,” Miller said of the ratings, which was announced last Thursday night during the GRMC’s monthly board of directors meeting. “

Ray Reynolds, CEO of GRMC, stated that the 5-star rating was “recognition of a commitment to quality patient care and to patient safety that we have as an organization and our employees have individually.”

Miller said that GRMC has been consistently getting 4-star ratings. Hospitals are graded on 57 separate quality measures, plus patient satisfaction scores.

“Patients have a huge, big say in it,” Miller said. “It takes a whole village. We attribute this to our staff members who care for our patients every day.

“It’s not easy for small hospitals or big hospitals. It’s not an easy feat. The biggest deal is the quality care we give patients, and how satisfied they are when they leave here. I’m so proud of all our staff.”