The Somervell County Commissioners Court voted on Monday during its regular monthly meeting to approve budget transfers from the county’s contingency fund.

The bulk of those transfers — four in all — is for a down payment on new computer software for the Sheriff’s Office, in the amount of $62,605.

The full amount to be paid for the software will be approximately $137,000. The funds are included in the 2018 budget.

That vote was unanimous, by a 5-0 count of commissioners Don Kranz, Kenneth Wood, John Curtis and Larry Hulsey, along with County Judge Danny Chambers.

County Auditor Brian Watts explained after the meeting that because the county’s overall annual budget is set up about 18 months in advance, the commissioners can allow for money to be used from the contingency fund.

“We set up the contingency account for those things, to offset any unforeseen budget expenses we may have through the year,” Watts said.

Paula Stinson, the human resources director for Somervell County, addressed the commissioners about the procedures for department heads requesting pay raises for county employees.

Stinson brought up issues involving getting such requests in on time for the approximately 140 non-elected county employees.

“Department heads have to get their paperwork in prior to the effective raise,” Stinson suggested before the court, meaning that the paperwork should be received by the HR Department by the day before the first of that month.

The commissioners voted by a 5-0 margin to approve the pay plan administration draft.

Watts explained that the action puts the onus on the individual department heads “to get the paperwork in on a timely basis. They have been having a lot of paperwork come in late, and that puts everybody in a pinch.”

The Commissioners Court concluded with two separate executive sessions.

After the first executive session, the commissioners voted unanimously (5-0) to approve a grant to MW Supply to purchase a lot (Lot 1, Block 9) in the Industrial Park on Bo Gibbs Boulevard.

“It’s to give a grant for the purchase of land, provided they do a certain amount of improvements,” Watts said.

There was no action taken on the second executive session.