The Glen Rose City Council approved an increase in rates and fees for Oakdale Park on Monday.

Oakdale Park Manager Michael Leamons proposed requiring a $200 event deposit from those who rent rooms on the property for parties, meetings or other gatherings to ensure that they comply with the park’s rules and leave the furniture and other property the way it was before the rental.

Those who make a reservation to stay at the park already have a deposit, which is their first day rental, Leamons explained.

The monthly offseason rate will be increasing from $400 to $450. Also, Oakdale’s RV deluxe spaces with 50-amp hookups will increase from $35 to $37.50. The rate for 30-amp hookups on the deluxe sites did not increase.

Regular sites with 50-amp hookups will increase from $30 to $32.50 per day.

Leamons said that most comparable camping grounds in the area have higher rates than Oakdale Park’s.

“We found out that our rates were much lower than other facilities of similar size and amenities in this area, so we’re recommending an increase to those rates,” Leamons said.

City Manager Chester Nolen further explained the need for the increases after the meeting by stating, “Some of the amenities that are being offered are relatively low, compared to other camping facilities around this area.”

The City Council approved the rate and deposit changes by a 5-0 vote.

In other Oakdale Park-related news, the council members approved (5-0) advertising seeking bids to make improvements at the park’s swimming pool. The proposed improvements could include a new water intake, and possibly a new deck surface around the diving board.

The council approved (5-0) a resolution that all boards and commissions of the city of Glen Rose all use standard parliamentary procedures in their meetings.

Another 5-0 vote approved advertising for bids from contractors for general repairs to be done to the former Heritage Building, at 100 NE Barnard St. downtown. Nolen stated that work is needed to do some painting, plus repair plaster, ceiling tiles and electrical fixtures. The office of the city’s events coordinator and the Convention and Visitors Bureau will be moved into that building when it’s ready, but Nolen said there is no time estimate yet on when that may be.

The Council voted by a 4-1 margin, with Dennis Moore as the only no vote, to approve a plan to look at the feasibility for the possible creation of a Glen Rose Youth Action Committee (GRYAC).

“I would like to bridge the gap between local government and our youth,” said Council member Robert Marquez, who proposed the idea of the GRYAC.

Mayor Sue Oldenburg made a statement during the meeting expressing appreciation for the city maintenance workers and Public Works Director Jim Holder, who recently braved extremely cold and wet conditions in order to repair a broken water main in downtown Glen Rose.

“They went above and beyond the call of duty, and they did it with a smile,” Oldenburg said. “We do appreciate it.”

An executive session was held, but no action was taken.