Ten members of Glen Rose High School’s FCCLA (Family, Career and Community Leaders of America) led by Abby Payne and Jordin Voss, hosted a Cooking Matters Kids Camp at in the school’s culinary arts Room on Feb. 13.

The students, along with FCCLA Advisor Jill Lawson, hosted the three-hour camp for 20 younger students of the community.

As the kids arrived, the FCCLA members introduced themselves and explained what their organization is about. They also laid out the objectives for the mini camp while the children were provided snacks upon arrival including fresh fruit, vegetables and popcorn.

FCCLA members helped each child find a chef coat and/or apron and chef hat before teaching them principles of good nutrition based on MyPlate, the importance of proper hand washing that included the Glo-Germ experiment, which the children loved.

Then the FCCLA students led group activities providing the students with opportunities to identify and categorize different types of foods according to MyPlate.

The campers then were divided into groups and began working in the kitchens, preparing a recipe for whole grain pizza dough. As the dough proofed, students were instructed on knife and kitchen safety. The kids really loved practicing their knife skills as they prepared toppings for their MyPlate Pizza.

After the dough had proofed, the students enjoyed rolling out and preparing their MyPlate Personal Pizzas. As the pizzas baked, FCCLA members taught the kids proper table setting and napkin folding and led an activity that encouraged students to get active and had a dance-off competition while stressing the importance of being physically active daily.

FCCLA members also shared with the campers the importance of positive self-image and maintaining positive health — physically, mentally and emotionally.

After the pizzas were cooked, the students sat down at the tables they had prepared and enjoyed their MyPlate pizzas. As parents began arriving to pick up their children, each child was given a foodie goody bag that included a bento lunch box, measuring cups and spoons that were graciously donated by our local Texas Agrilife Extension office and a recipe book and folder with the camp activities, made by the FCCLA members.

The children asked the FCCLA members to host another camp soon and gave them hugs when it was time to leave. Overall, the Glen Rose FCCLA club members earned the respect and admiration of parents and the children as they led each aspect of the program and served the younger students with love, joy, enthusiasm and patience.